A Guide To Shoalhaven, Australia, For Family Travelers

A Guide To Shoalhaven, Australia, For Family Travelers

Shoalhaven, Australia, is the perfect place to relax with your family, or have some action-packed fun, if you like. You can do both in this rejuvenating, refreshing, mountain-bordered coastal town. Shoalhaven is home to 109 magnificent beaches – need we say more?

Enjoy Shoalhaven’s Many Festivals
No matter what time of the year you visit Shoalhaven, there’s always a festival going on. Whether it’s an annual food festival, art festival, music or wine festival, there’s always something. Join in, enjoy some local beer and foods and drink in the vibe of this vibrant region.

  • See Change Arts Festival
  • EscapeArtfest festival
  • Blessing of the Fleet Festival

Check Out The Weekend Markets
Shoalhaven’s colorful weekend markets are a window into this unique region’s culture. You can buy just about anything here, from souvenirs to fried fish. Finish up your market day with a nice leisurely Sunday brunch.

Have Some Water Fun
There’s a wealth of surf beaches, lakes, inlets and billabongs in Shoalhaven. Get your family out into the water enjoying a plethora of water fun. Try everything from beach and tidal fishing, surfing, boating, swimming, , dolphin and whale spotting and kayaking on Jervis Bay.

Go For Nature Walks
Shoalhaven’s amazing natural abundance is just waiting to be discovered. Take your family out on long bushwalks in the many national parks. Visit Green Patch in Booderee National Park to see the wildflower display, and the native wildlife. Walk the Munyunga Waraga Dhugan loop walk along with an aboriginal guide; this region has great significance to the indigenous Koori people.

Explore Shoalhaven’s Culture
Shoalhaven’s indigenous art and pottery studios are a treat. This region contains 49 villages in all, which means there’s a great deal of culture and art to explore. Visit potters at their residence and explore the countryside art at Milton and Berry villages.

Try Some Local Food And Wine
Shoalhaven’s fresh produce, amazing seafood and award-winning wines are to be enjoyed. Enjoy Greenwell Point’s oysters and French-Cheese’s dairy products. Do check out Shoalhaven’s many bistros and restaurants for some local seafood delicacies.

Go Wine-tasting
There are 11 cellar doors and 20 vineyards in the region. That apart, Shoalhaven’s wine association conducts regular weekend wine-tasting tours. Check out the award-winning Cambewarra and Coolangatta Estate wineries and taste some great wines to the accompaniment of local jazz.

Sign Up For Tours
Shoalhaven has so many interesting and exciting tours; you’ll be really unable to choose!

  • Dolphin Watch Tours: The best way to get up close to dolphins is to sail up to where they frolic in the water and then get into the water with them at Jervis Bay.
  • Nature Exploration: Explore Shoalhaven’s beautiful deep sea caves, sandstone cliffs at Point Perpendicular, abundant and amazing wildlife and enchanting flora. Be sure to visit the Abrahams Bosom Reserve to enjoy its scenic walking trails and sweet creeks and rock pools.
  • Bike Trails: Rent a bike and follow beach bike trails on St Georges Basin, Huskisson, Jervis Bay, Vincentia and others. Riding a bike on sandy shores is tough; hire a local guide to guide you.
  • Fishing Tours: You can always dangle a line from a jetty, but a guided boat fishing tour is the best way to fish in the ocean.

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