Destin Florida in the Winter

You missed out on a perfect February day in Destin, Florida. It was a day with temps around 62 degrees, a light breeze and the bluest skies I seen in a long time. So I headed out to Gary’s house to take a bike ride. The traffic was light, the Gulf was light emerald green and clear as I rode over the Destin bridge. I saw a lot of motor cycles, convertibles and Vettes on the drive out. Got to his house, got my bike out of the garage and was on my way for a great ride. I rode throughout Destiny East, getting lost a few times. Found the back gate and headed west on the nice bike/walk path. Lots of people out walking and riding bikes. I rode down to the Crab Trap and got onto the boardwalk, the Gulf and beaches were just unbelievable. Saw a red 1963 Vette that looked pretty damn good.

So then I decided to head east to check-out Condo’s, houses, restaurants and businesses. I passed condo’s I had never heard of, I passed restaurants, Kenny’s, Capt. Dave’s, Pompano Joe’s and the Whales Tale where I saw a blue ZR1 Vette. I saw lots of people along the the way, very few babes, mostly Blue hairs and Snow Birds. I kept riding east until I came up the the intersection of old highway 98 and new highway 98 and Edgewater Condo (French Rivera). Tried to find an outdoor bar to have a drink before I headed back, didn’t find one. So I rode back to Gary’s. By time I got back my bottom was hurting from the padded seat I have, but was a very enjoyable bike ride with the perfect weather. I put my bike in the garage and was sitting on the tailgate of my truck enjoying the sun, a car pulls up and a woman gets out. It was Vicky dropping off some mail. We talked for a few minutes, her mom and sister were in the car, she said next time I go for a ride to give her a call or send her an e-mail. Told her I would, but that I don’t get out to Destin very often.

I wish you could have been around. It’s not to bad being in Destin when the summer crowd is not here.

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