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Camelbak All Clear Purifier

Whether hiking, backpacking or traveling through foreign countries, for clean instantly clean drinking water you'll want to invest in the Camelbak All Clear Purifier. Walking from destination to destination along the Camino in Spain it can get expensive and inconvenient to always have to buy bottled water. The All Clear Purifier by Camelbak offers … [Read more...]

The North Face Aleutian 4S BX Sleeping Bag

Any time of the year, you'll rest easy in the North Face Aleutian 4S BX Sleeping Bag. Filled with Heatseeker synthetic, this four-season bag will keep you warm even if your dry bag leaked a little when your boat flipped in Granite. The classic mummy shape prevents cold spots while the full-length zipper draft tube prevents unwanted breezes from … [Read more...]

Fossil Ansel Automatic Stainless Steel Watch Black

Have you ever been traveling and all of a sudden your watch battery dies at the most inconvenient time? Of course, there are no stores around for you to purchase a new battery. Now all of a sudden your $300 watch is useless. With the Fossil automatic watch, this will never happen to you again. Why is that? Because there is no battery needed to … [Read more...]

Passport FAQs

How much does a U.S. passport cost? The cost of your U.S. passport will depend on the type of passport you request and how quickly you need it. See Passport Fees for more information on the cost of a U.S. passport book or a U.S. passport card and all associated services. I have a life or death emergency overseas and need a passport. What should … [Read more...]

Astral Camino Life Jacket (PFD)

My wife and I bought some flat water kayaks about 5 years ago and of course they did not come with life jackets, otherwise known as PFDs or Personal Flotation Devices. I went to all of the stores around town that sold PFDs, but I had no luck finding any that were comfortable to me. They were all so bulky and had no ventilation whatsoever. Then … [Read more...]

Keen Men’s Alamosa WP Hiking Shoe

If you are looking for a light weight yet durable hiking shoe then I would highly recommend the Keen Alamosa WP Hiking Shoe. I bought a pair almost 5 years ago and have logged hundreds of miles hiking in them. I recently had to retire them because the tread had worn off. I liked these shoes so much that I went and bought a brand new pair just like … [Read more...]

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

I absolutely love this headlamp. It is excellent for setting up a tent when camping at night, tying a hook on while you are fishing at night, or even working on your car at night. It provides long lasting hands free lighting. Simply click on the image below to get your very own. When you need bright, reliable light in the worst … [Read more...]

The North Face Sport Hiker

So, you don't think fanny packs are cool? Well you have never tried this fanny pack made by The North Face. It is great for fishing, hiking, and camping. You will be surprised at how much this fanny pack will hold. Simply click the image below to get your very own. Take a hike with this functional and comfortable lumbar pack designed to get … [Read more...]